Veganuary Day 23 Udon noodle supper

01efdaebb89cc7048904e1cc5986b0ddc9eed5c90aTo be honest, a bowl of udon noodles with mushrooms is not the prettiest dish on this planet.  So here’s a lovely bright photo of Spain instead, to cheer you up.

This supper, or a version of it (depending on what’s in the fridge), is a regular.  It’s quick, uncomplicated and very tasty. Although it is a bit brown. Hence the ‘cheer up’ picture.

To serve two, you will need onion, garlic, mushrooms (a variety would be good, but if you only have a few chestnut or button mushrooms kicking around in the bottom of the fridge, they will be just as good).  Plus onion, garlic, chilli flakes, cornflour, soya milk and/or soya cream, mushroom ketchup, fresh herbs, the other half of the jar of Seitan from the other night, pak choi.  I haven’t given precise weights of ingredients simply because this is so simple you should practice doing it by eye instead of weight! Call it the Rees method.  Approximate.

Chop the Seitan into smaller chunks and marinade in two tablespoons of soy sauce. Sweat the chopped onion with garlic and chilli flakes.  Then add chopped mushrooms and cook till just done. Add the Seitan and its marinade. a tablespoon of nutritional yeast flakes and a couple of tablespoons of mushroom ketchup.  Combine all the ingredients then take off the heat.  Sprinkle about a tablespoon of cornflour over the contents of the pan and add about 100ml of soya milk and about 50ml of soya cream. Combine and then stir till it thickens. Check the seasoning but remind yourself that the soy sauce and the mushroom ketchup is a seasoning in itself, so you probably won’t need any extra salt.  Add chopped fresh basil leaves.

Meanwhile, cook the Udon noodles as per instruction on the packet and simultaneously (steady now!) steam the pak choi that you’ve quartered.  It will only take three or four minutes.

As soon as the noodles are done, drain and put in individual bowls.  Pour the mushroom and Seitan sauce over them, and top with the pak choi.

It’s slurpy. It’s yummy. It’s quick (15 minutes start to finish). It’s easy. So what are you waiting for?

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