Veganuary Day 22 Green pie

Green pie

img_3809What a great evening!  Old friends.New friends.Good food.

Good food usually means lots of prep but I was going for scrumptious but simple.

So, for the green pie, be kind to yourself.  Take one pack of filo pastry.

Cook 500g of spinach and 500g of kale in separate pans and a scant amount of water in each. Take the spinach off the heat before it turns to mush. Drain into a colander lined with kitchen towel.  Cook the kale for a bit longer then drain in the same way and then strip the leaves from any chunky stems.  When cool, chop the kale and the spinach into smaller pieces and only then, season with sea salt.

Meanwhile, sweat two chopped onions in olive or rapeseed oil and when very soft, add two grated cloves of garlic and a grating of nutmeg.

Prepare a 21cm springform cake tin by greasing it and dusting liberally with coarse semolina.  Have a pot with oil and a pastry brush close to hand.

Clear as much work surface as you can. Ideally you would have a run of about 1200cm. Lay out sheets of filo in a strip, overlapping on the short side and brush the joins with oil – so you have one long line of filo.  Spread the onion and mixed greens in a line about 2cm wide along the length of the pastry, and about 1.5cm from the bottom edge. Chop a large handful each  of mint and basil and sprinkle over the greens. Then sprinkle with nutritional yeast flakes (in a non vegan version I would add crumbled feta cheese).  Then brush the remaining exposed pastry with a little oil and roll up from the bottom so you end up with a long sausage. Coil it tightly inside the tin and brush with more oil.  Cook in the oven at 180C for about 30 minutes till golden brown.

Bulgar with walnuts (Kisir)

Put half a cup of water in a bowl with two cups of boiling water.  Cover with two cups of boiling water.  Chop or crush half a cup of walnut halves.  After 30 minutes the bulgar will have absorbed the water.  Mix with the walnuts, chopped spring onions, two tablespoons of tomato purée, chopped fresh dill and a good slug of pomegranate molasses.  The final ingredient is the most important in terms of flavour….. half a preserved lemon – removing the pulp and finely chopping the flesh.  Dont add more salt because the preserved lemon is salty.

Roast red peppers with black garlic

img_3810Slice three red peppers and remove the white pith.  Remove. 4 cloves of black garlic from its skin and chop into pieces. Roast in olive oil for about 20 mintes.  Allow to cool then put in a bowl with one tablespoon of balsamic vinegar.

Serve with a luscious salad of avocado with bitter leaves and a basket of flatbreads.

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