Ready Steady Cooks Viral Antidote 19: Ground Almonds, sweet potato, mushrooms

As many of you know by now – my strategy for weight loss was to tell everyone so I would be ashamed if I failed – I am following the Michael Mosley Fast800 diet.  Inspired by Barbara and my brother in law Mark.  The decision-making line in the sand was a bit like deciding to give up smoking – something clicked and I was ready.

Similar to the smoking thing, it has taken me about 30 years to get to this point. And the point is? To be more trim, fitter and to stave off the reality of being 67 in a month’s time!  So far, so 800 calories a day for the past 4 weeks. 12 kilos has been shifted, according to the morning weigh-in today.

The ingredients I had lurking in cupboard and fridge were ground almonds, sweet potato and mushrooms. The MM cookbook has a recipe for a quiche but instead of pastry it uses ground almonds.  I am not fond of quiche, but I was intrigued by the ground almonds bit.

True to form, all my life I have I bastardised methods set out in all recipes that start off in a book, and turned them into my own. Don’t be fooled by Mary, Jamie, Nigella or Nigel.  All recipes are derivative!


125g ground almonds (or if you only have whole almonds, grind them in the blender or Nutribullet)

25ml olive oil

2 eggs

1 sweet potato

1 knobbly end of celeriac that was rolling around in the fridge drawer

ditto 1 medium sized courgette

2tbsp Parmesan cheese

2 tbsp Quark or Greek yogurt or creamer fraiche


Put the ground almonds in a bowl and season with some gremolata (you should know how to make that by now, otherwise it’s here). Add the olive oil and one beaten egg.  Mix till it is moist enough to just hold together.

Grease a 20cm springform tin like this one then sprinkle with some coarse semolina – or breadcrumbs. Put the ground almond mixture in the tin. Press it all down firmly and draw some up the sides a bit. Put in the fridge.

Choose three or four mushrooms with a couple of spring onions. Fry gently in olive oil then add a little tomato purée and season with some Worcestershire sauce.  Cook till all the mixture has evaporated.  Allow to cool.

Steam your sliced courgette, sweet potato (sliced) and celeriac. Allow to cool.

Beat the remaining egg with the Quark or yogurt of crepe fraiche.  Add black pepper.  Add 75% of the Parmesan.

Remove the tin from the fridge.  Spreathe mushroom duxelles (for that is what it is) in and spread over the base.  Now add layers of celeriac,  sweet potato and courgette, season with gremolata.  Pour the egg/Quark over the top and place on the middle shelf of the oven at 190C for about 30 minutes – until the top is firm to touch.

Let it cool for 10 minutes the run a sharp knife round the edge to free it up a bit.  Unspring the tin after half an hour.

It looks good.  It smells gorgeous.  It serves 4 – so guess what we will be eating tomorrow night!  325 calories per portion and 20g of my allowable 35g carbohydrates per day.  David will have a plate full of roast potatoes with his. Sadly, I shall not!

3 thoughts on “Ready Steady Cooks Viral Antidote 19: Ground Almonds, sweet potato, mushrooms

  1. Oh and self-kindness even in the smallest doses is transformational, beating yourself up is , if you do what you’ve always done you get what you always got.

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