Veganuary Day 24. Lasagne

img_3817So you remember the tofu pasta?  Well half of it was languishing in the freezer. So here goes another experiment….. frozen pasta. In lasagne.

I decided after the first attempt that the pasta needed to be cooked before adding to the dish.  So I poached the sheets gently in simmering water for about 3 minutes then drained them on kitchen towel.

Before that I made a good batch of David’s tomato sauce and in a separate pan I sautee’d mushrooms with garlic and then some whole leaf spinach and left it to cool.

Then it was simply a matter of layering it up – sauce, pasta, spinach and mushroom, lookey-likey soya mozarella (yes, I know, but I thought I’d give it a go), pasta, sauce, pasta, sauce, lookey-likey cheese.

It has just come out of the oven (45 minutes at 190C) and I am leaving it to reduce from scorchio to tolerable before dishing up.  With an extremely healthy salad that includes my home spun sprouted seeds and a very garlicky dressing.  I’ll be crocheting macrame saucepan holders next!  If it looks good when I slice it I will post another picture.  If you don’t see one here, it didn’t hold together that well!

40 minutes later……..

So.Here it is. Held together nicely.  These are the lessons learned:

  • tofu pasta freezes well
  • the lasagne sheets benefit from ‘poaching’ before use
  • use plenty of sauce because it will be absorbed by the pasta
  • season everything really well because the pasta will ‘dull’ the seasoning
  • dont bother with the looked-likey tofu mozzarella – it didnt add anything
  • have at least four layers of pasta then it will hold its shape when you cut it.



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