Friends in high places


imageA little shopping in Orgiva this morning, prior to the family arriving tomorrow….. Language adventures in the butcher’s (would you chop the chicken into 10 pieces please?), 10 little lamb chops, a handful of minced pork which was neatly dispensed into a greaseproof paper cone and folded down at the top. Then the embarrassment of coming home and realising I had picked up someone else’s shopping.
On my way up to Mecina Fondales I dropped the bag of shopping back at the little corner shop. But the helpful young woman who had served me, and who spoke reasonable English – well to be honest, it was 10 times better than my Spanish – had been replaced by a monosyllabic bewhiskered granny who didn’t know what I was talking about! So I just gave her the bag in the end and hopped back in the car feeling that my efforts were less than adequate

Drove up the mountain road behind Orgiva, past Canar, heading up and up, past Capileira where the European funded road programme becomes less evident. More concrete blocks. Less Armco. Decided that on balance I prefer driving to being a passenger on these roads. The views are breathtaking which of course is the paradox of being a passenger – you can loom at the view but you also see how far down it is! Turned off the main road just before Pitres and headed down to the Trevelez valley to Mecina Fondales then out of the Fereiola ‘road’. I was heading for a bar in the middle of nowhere to meet Carrie. I found it. Cueva de Luna Mora. Owned by an Argentinian, in the middle of Las Alpujarras, with a reputation for some of the liveliest live music and the best Pizza’s. i can vouch for the pizza. Carrie and I talked non stop for four hours – the intervening 8 years counting as nothing – as it does when good friends get together. We parted, drove in different directions but this was not significant. Las Alpujarras had woven its magic again.

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