Low carbs

Low carb diet. So why  do I feel compelled to bake cakes? Two batches for the birthday boy to take to work tomorrow.  They smell divine. But not a crumb has passed my lips.  Try these chewy buttery pecan slices. They have the consistency of Brownies but are suffused with pecan and maple syrup.  The recipe called for tons of sugar, and walnuts. But as is often the case, a little recipe tweaking was in order.

Cream 175g butter (only butter will do) with 100g caster and 75g mucovado sugar till very light and fluffy. Add 1 tbsp flour (it stops the eggs curdling). Then beat in two eggs, 1tsp vanilla extract, 150g plain flour and 50g medium oatmeal. When the dry ingredients are fully incorporated, add 75ml maple syrup and fold in 100g broken pecan nuts. Spoon the mixture into a rectangular tin lined with baking parchment, plant pecans in neat rows along the top and bake in the middle of the oven for about 30 minutes at  160c.  Hope you enjoy them boys!

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