Banana bread

Sometimes, and in spite of our best efforts, bananas just go manky, don’t they?  Come into a warm room and you can spot a manky spotty brown banana at 20 paces.  I found four skulking in the corner today, just screaming out to be made into Banana bread.  Some form of torture ensued as I am on a  low carb diet. Would I be able to resist it if I made it? Would I eat it all but be unable to erase the smell of baking banana bread, so that when David came in and his nose twitched I could not deny the baking of it? Nor the consumption of it?

Well I am pretty proud of myself because it has been out of the oven for two hours now and I haven’t touched it. Not even sneaked a little bit. So I think I am past the tipping point and might be into recovery!

This simple recipe was retrieved from the back of a brown paper bag in the mid 1970s.  The place was Croydon market. Wonder if it is still there, opposite Davey Place? Doubt it.

I use an electric hand whisk for this because I don’t own a Kitchen Aid, nor a Kenwood Chef.  I used to have a KC which my mum bought me for my 21st but I didnt realise the value of it, nor its potential longevity and I sold it for £20 in the mid 80’s when I was broke.  If anyone is thinking of buying me a present, I would prefer to replace the KC rather than have a KA.

Beat together 125g butter with 200g golden caster sugar, two eggs, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, 200g wholewheat plain flour, 1.5 tsp baking powder. Then fold in four mashed bananas and 125g broken up walnuts.

Pour into a lined tin and bake at 150C for about 50 minutes.  I tried mine in the microwave combination oven today and it worked a treat. Another little triumph for the environment!

On a generous day I would serve it just warm, with a thick slab of butter on it.  On a bad day I would do the same but eat it in a locked room so no-one could see.  On a virtuous day like today I SHALL NOT TOUCH IT!

7 thoughts on “Banana bread

  1. Go on. Have a piece! Just one tiny little sneaky bite. With a cup of tea. In front of the fire. . . . . 🙂

    1. Thank you for that encouragement son! I still havent had any. And I am drinking water not tea. And the fire isn’t lit. Sounds very Zen doesn’t it! Perhaps I am turning into someone else!

  2. I’ve still got my Mum’s Kenwood Chefette which is brilliant for a tiny kitchen like mine. They dont make them anymore which is such a shame as I dont want to clutter up the place with separate blender, mixer and bowls. Its well over 30 years old but wont last much longer I fear.

    1. It must be vintage. And still going? That’s what I mean about me being stupid letting it go for a few quid years ago! BTW email waiting for you.

  3. You have just made my favourite bread – alas I do not make it anymore for exactly the same reasons as you. By the way Surrey Street Market in Croydon is still going!!! Look forward to many more recipes from you. I have now started the garden seedlings and will have lots of goodies by the time summer comes – trying fennel, sweetcorn, beetroots (red & yellow) and butternut squashes. Cant wait.

    1. Thanks Amanda. Surrey Street market, that was it! Had a case of galloping food poisoning from cockles there in July 1986. Hot summer. Should have known better than to eat cockles that had been sitting on the stall all day in that heat!

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