#VeganuaryDay4 Keeping warm

img_3667Quick post for Day 4 as I am off to the cinema. But it’s cold. Cold. Cold. And I wanted something warm to cheer me. Like Horlicks or some other sugar laden drink from a jar.  But the fount of all knowledge, generosity and goodness – Kathy Payne -http://kathypayne.co.uk/about-kathy/my-toolkit/ has taught me a thing or two, I can tell you.  One example is maca powder.

Related to radish, it tastes nothing like radish. It tastes like Horlicks. And it’s jam packed with Vitamin B and Vitamin C.

In my mug, I put half a teaspoon of maca powder and a good sprinkling of coco nibs (from Holland and Barrett). I mixed them together with some nearly boiling water and half a mug of unsweetened almond milk, then gave it a good whizz in the Nutribullet. Then I added another half mug of almond milk and heated it in the microwave.  Believe me. it’s just like Horlicks – except it won’t spike your blood sugar and it is good for you!

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