Oh just give me those post Christmas pre 2013 Blue hoo hooo’s

photbackup march14 935

So much to write and now some time to do it.  Fab.

There are tales to tell about the Christmas goose.

The fantastic biography of Bruce Springsteen – still attempting to persuade him to come to my birthday gig.

A grandson who eschewed Boxing Day lunch and demanded  yogurt.

Recipes for fabulous fresh indian curry spice mixes that are so easy to do.

Drooling over Tim Kinnaird’s nutty choco brittle and the proposed subsequent Wymondham support group

Beautiful freshly made mincemeat recipes  – too late for Christmas but good for next year

How about a take on Nigella’s ham cooked in Coca Cola?

Or tonight’s clean, fresh aubergine and mushroom curry, with roasted spiced squash, quinoia and shallots with ginger and garlic? And home made onion bhaji’s?

Or how about the neatest, easiest pudding courtesy of Nigel Slater, with a twist of course?

And maybe a naughty nibble or too.  Reese’s cups Mark II

All coming up soon whilst we bask in the delight which is The Ship at Dunwich.

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