Little gem lettuce with peas

It works, I swear!

The potato topped bean mushroom and tomato  pie was in the oven but there were no greens in the fridge. Tragedy!

So this little gem (sic.) came to pass. it is adapted from a little gem, pea, avocado and mint salad I  make in the summer.

But this is winter. Take two little gem lettuce and slice lengthways into eight. Snick the bitter end off (but not too much).  Chop a small bunch of spring onions including the green bits.  Add a knob of butter to a shallow pan on a medium heat and a splash of rape seed oil.  Add the onions then the lettuce then two cups of frozen peas, 50ml water and a squeeze of juicy garlic.  Turn the heat up high. Clamp on the lid and when it is steaming, give it 3 minutes.  Then remove from the heat and stir in two tablespoons of coriander chutney (see lamb curry recipe). Swirl around a bit.

It is divine.

2 thoughts on “Little gem lettuce with peas

  1. Have tried this lettuce recipe,but in the spirit of using what I had/being resourceful,used some slightly elderly shallots instead of Spring onions-was really good,also added a smidge of chilli oil to initial pan.A real gem of a recipe,thanks!x

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