Autumn is here

I’ve spent the day in the garden as an antidote to the Trump story. I’ve taken cuttings from Salvia “Hot Lips”, noticed my Ammi seeds are through. I’ve watered the winter salads in the polytunnel and talked nicely to my foxgloves and echium, wondering whether to plant them out now or in the spring. I’ve put more stuff on the compost pile to be transferred to the new allotment and I’ve sworn a lot at the bindweed. Now I’m indoors and thinking about dinner.

I grew some beautiful bright orange Kobi squash and today we are having one of them roasted with leeks, garlic, pepper, pears off the tree and feta – and a secret ingredient – the smoked pear inspired by Olia Hercules Summer Kitchen. They look so ugly but they taste of caramel and smoke!!

With it we will have couscous and quinoa studded (that’s my Nigella impression by the way) with bright jewels of radish, onion, cucumber and spring onion and beefed up with half a tin of leftover green lentils – then drenched in a sharp hot dressing of chopped fresh red chilli, garlic, tamarind, olive oil, lemon juice, mint and parsley.

It’s only 17.00 and I want to eat it. Now. Perhaps a bath and glass of wine might be a good idea……..

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