Veganuary Day 20 Soya milk and Pesto

img_3806Yesterday’s ‘cold’ in my head and the achy joints that threatened to interfere with weekend plans, have receded a bit.  Probably helped by the kill-or-cure approach to finishing off the massive wood pile on our drive. We had a convoy (of two) barrows going from front to back, and with every circuit I managed to sort out in my head what needed to be done in the back garden in a few weeks time.  It’s the ‘garden’ equivalent to my ‘swimming pool’ meditation where similar issues get processed.

Anyway. In between barrows, helping out a neighbour, reading the paper and making a trek to Tesco to find some Mamade for my mum (more about marmalade another time) I made some soya milk, experimented a bit more with aquafaba in a cake that’s tomorrow’s Day 21 post sorted) , some pesto and some soup.

When I re-read what I have written on these blogs I often wonder why I rarely do one thing at a time.  I dont know the answer but I think its something to do with running things in parallel means you get more done. Rarely is there sequential activity going on.  It must be the project manager in me. I shall ponder more on that in the swimming pool.

Soya milk – making your own

The first lot of soya milk going through the muslin

First the soya milk.  I actually like it. Some people don’t and prefer nut milks. I am happy with both.  I haven’t made any tofu yet but I think Marion has a batch going at the moment so I will ask her to do a guest blog. I use organic and GM free soya beans from the wholefood shop.  If you want to read a bit more about the soya production/consumption debate you could google it of course, or you could start here.

Put 125g soya beans in a bowl and cover with 500ml boiling water.  Soak overnight.  If you

Squeezing it out!

are not that keen on the taste of soya beans in the milk then discard this water the next day, rinse the beans, then put in a large and powerful blender with 750ml water.  Blend on high for a good 30 seconds then lay some muslin in a colander (knew I kept those baby muslins for something 35 years ago) and pour in the contents of the blender.  Squeeze the liquid through the muslin and return the dry-ish residue to the blender with another 500ml water.  Blend again and go through the same sieving process.  Pour into bottles or containers that are scrupulously clean and have been scalded with boiling water.  Put the lid on that’s it.  About 1.25l of soya milk.  Some people add a little sugar. I don’t. Some people flavour it with vanilla. I don’t.

The final product

Walnut and basil pesto

This is, of course, an adaption of traditional pesto which contains lashings of parmesan.

Walnut and basil pesto

In a pestle and mortar, completely crush one fat clove of garlic with half a teaspoon of seasalt.  Then add half a dozen walnut halves and crush to a pulp.  Then add few large fresh basil leaves – probably about 10 and about 10ml of any oil. I used rapeseed.  Keep pounding it till it becomes a mush.  Plonk a teetering teaspoonful in the middle of a bowl of some home made leek and potato soup and tell me it’s not gorgeous.  Of course, other nuts are available, and other herbs. You could invent your own blend.


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