Veganuary Day 15 Roast squash with chillies and cashew cream

At the market in Carcassonne
At the market in Carcassonne

Today it is bright, clear, crisp, nose-tip pink cold.

I have been sitting in the office here all day, a slave to the keyboard. it is 16.00 and – having been eating what Nigella would call ‘temple food’ today, which is neither warming nor comforting –  I am in need of something earthy and colourful and satisfying.  Squash.  They look warm before you have even cooked them!

For four people, chop a medium sized squash – of whatever variety – into half then quarter it.  This makes it easier to deseed and then peel.  Then chop the squash flesh into large chunks.

Now you need a bowl or a plastic bag.

Throw in the squash, some peeled shallots or peeled onions cut into quarters or smaller depending on the size.  Then add half a dozen plump cloves of garlic. You could also add some potatoes if you wish.  And some celery chopped into chunks. Or some peeled carrots. Or some beetroot.  Then add half a dozen medium sized tomatoes.  Oh, and a chopped red chilli or some chilli flakes.  And some sea-salt flakes and black pepper. And a small shake of turmeric powder and smoked paprika.  Think that’s it.  You get the idea – throw in anything you like so long as it is good and c0lourful.

With all the vegetables in the bowl or in the bag, pour in 30ml of good olive oil or rapeseed oil and mix it all around and to increase the flavour let it sit there for a good hour.

Pre-heat the oven and a roasting pan to 190C then when it is up to temperature empty the contents of the bag or bowl onto the tray and roast for about 45 minutes. Don’t turn it or the vegetables will start to break up.  The idea is that the edges should char very slightly.  After 30 minutes mix together a tablespoon of tamarind sauce (mine from Asda) with soy sauce then pour over the hot vegetables, squashing down the tomatoes so that they release their juices.  Grate some lemon rind over the top and a sprinkle of finely chopped fresh rosemary (please don’t use the dried stuff).

When it’s ready it should smell divine – hot, smoky, paprika-ey.   Turn into a bowl and serve with brown rice, or jacket potatoes or just with a good slice of bread.

In non-vegan land I frequently add chopped feta about 15 minutes before the end.  In vegan land I also serve it with a cashew cream (see Day 16 – sauces).

Go on treat yourself. You probably have most of these ingredients in stock.  If you prepare it now you can put it in the oven when The Archers comes on!

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