#Veganuary Day 10. Pomegranate Molasses

img_3729The best pomegranate molasses I ever tasted was that which smothered the fried aubergine in El Viejo Molino.  Deep, syrupy, smoky and actually more savoury than sweet.

Yesterday I was in Argos – no,no,no – thank you David, it was Asda (Asda, Aldi,Argos…. what is it about four letter words starting with A?) anyway… I was in Asda, rifling through the discounted fruit and veg and what did I spy but 12 pomegranate for a quid. Yes!
Back home, having having halved the golden beauties with their perky little topknots, and tapped them on the backside to release their jewels I ended up with half a bowl of juicy ruby red seeds. They went  straight into the blender then I squashed all the juice I could get out of them – about 750ml.  Then the juice went into to a wide shallow pan with the juice of half a lemon. That’s it.  Brought to the boil then simmered for about an hour, whilst reading my book and occasionally, laconically stirring. When reduced by half it should coat the back of a spoon and feel sticky.  Decant into a sterilised bottle.

img_3744TBH it is probably cheaper to buy it in a bottle when the pomegranates are full price. But at 12 for a quid it was worth the experiment.

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