#Veganuary Day 7 Freekeh with greens and almonds

img_1602This is a quick and easy one. After a busy day (reading, gardening) I just want something quick and easy. Freekeh – which is green wheat is, like quinoa, stacked with protein and doesn’t need to be combined with legumes to complete the protein chain (unlike, for example, brown rice).

Simply boil it in a little stock or water. It only takes 10 minutes. Lovely combined with chunks of roasted pumpkin and shallot and the sweetest, smokiest black garlic sent by Fran from the Isle of Wight. My own experiment with black garlic has yet to produce anything remotely like the Isle of Wight black garlic.

1-photo (15)Now to the main act. Collejas. Greens with almonds to you! It’s one of David’s favourite dishes and he is in charge of cooking it in case you think I’ve had a sex change.

img_1612Chop any sort of greens (David used Savoy here, but spring greens are just as lovely). Saute chopped carrot and onion in olive oil or Yare Valley rapeseed oil till soft and then season. Remove from the pan, then add a good handful of whole almonds (preferably with skins on) and saute them for a couple of minutes. Remove from the pan. Whilst cooling, quickly blanch the greens in about 100ml of water with a lid on tight till slightly underdone, then drain – keep the cooking water. Crush the almonds, but keep some chunky bits. Put the cooked freekah, carrot and shallot back in the pan with the oil, add the greens then throw in the almonds. Season. Add a small amount of the reserved cooking water, clamp on the lid and cook for one more minute. Voila! Great with a jacket potato.

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