#VeganuaryDay1 Chestnut sausages

Brown rice, chestnut and tofu sausages
Spiced chestnut sausages

I posted these sausages in the summer when I started trying out the new sausage-making attachment on the Kenwood.  They were lovely, and like most first-time recipes, needed just a little tweak  – so if you are re-reading this recipe, I left out the red pepper and the spring onions.. Today is January 1st and the first day of my annual vegan-and-alcohol-free month. Himself is still welding something in the garage and, according to rumour, is also trying out his new biscuit jointer (don’t ask!) Instead of walking on the beach in the damp grey drizzle with thousands of others, we stayed at home. Pottering.  My pottering is nearly always in the kitchen.

Last time I made these sausages, I realised that if you go through the faff of making sausages, you might as well freeze a load. So the ingredients here will do about 24 sausages. They are very easy to make and this time I have not used the sausage machine (one task too many for a relaxing new years’ day) but simply formed them into sausage shapes instead.

In the food processor, whizz one onion to very fine dice then put in a big bowl.  Grate in one clove of garlic. Whizz three 180g vacuum packs of chestnuts in the food processor leaving some little chunks, but mostly to look like coarse breadcrumbs. Empty into the bowl.  Add a mug full of fine wholemeal breadcrumbs (I happened to have some left over bulgar so I added some of that too). Mix together with your hands.  Add about 300g  of firm tofu (don’t go yuk – you can’t taste it and it acts as the binder). Make sure your hands are really clean then dive into the bowl to squidge it all together so the ingredients are evenly distributed..

Now add a good tablespoon of finely chopped fresh sage and some thyme leaves, one flat teaspoon of paprika and one of allspice (not mixed spice – that’s different!) two teaspoons of ground cumin, a shake of fennel seed, about one tablespoon of miso, a good grind of black pepper and 25ml light soy sauce. Squidge away again. Taste a little to check the seasoning. Don’t use dried herbs here, they will taste bitter. Just make sure that the fresh herbs are finely chopped.

Lightly grease a baking tray. Fill a bowl with cold water.  Wet your hands then form sausages from the mixture and lay on the baking tray. When all the mixture has gone, put the tray with the sausages in the freezer until they are frozen then transfer to a bag and keep till needed.  They cook better straight from frozen, so don’t defrost.

Last time I added cooked brown rice as a filler and that was lovely too and gave a lovely texture to the sausage. These sausages are smoother and with a herby flavour.

Now – think roaring fire, mashed potato, lots of dark greens and onion gravy!

10 thoughts on “#VeganuaryDay1 Chestnut sausages

  1. Got as far as miso when I realised I don’t have any. I’ll look in Tesco, if they don’t have it wot alternatives? Was thinking of making into burgers with tomato relish and avocado. Guess you just fry or can you oven bake? Having fun with my new mezzaluna and spiraliser!

    1. Hi Gill you can just leave it out if you don’t have any, or add a little Marmite (other yeast spreads will do!). The miso adds that deep ummi savoury flavour. What you need is a shop like Beano’s!

  2. Woah! These sound so good. Glad you didn’t use the sausage making machine as it will give me the confidence to make some by hand. Just need to get my sticky mitts on some vac packed chestnuts. Good job I’m off to visit Cornwall in 2 weeks as I can buy some then.

  3. Sound delicious. I’m going to forward to 12 year old grandson who has become vegetarian’. Happy New Year to you and a Dave.

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