Lemon meringue icecream

Nigel Slater might be growing a bead which makes him look like a loveable lurcher, but he does a good line in quick yummy food. Somewhere on this blog is a version of this. It started as Nigel’s but I have changed it so many times I think it’s probably mine now.

150ml creme frache mixed with 150ml greek yogurt and one 375g jar of my mum’s lemon curd (or someone else’s). A handful of crushed meringues. Crushed pistachio nuts.
I had half a large tub of greek yogurt from Lidl so I mixed everything in the pot then turned it into a plastic box lined with cling film and put it in the freezer.

Yes folks. It’s that simple. Take it out of the freezer and put in the fridge an hour before you serve it. Last time this was on the menu I served it with little lemon friands (lemon buns made with icing sugar and egg white).

This is a great standby to have in the freezer. You could leave out the lemon curd and add fruit puree swirled into it instead.

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