Hummus is a regular in our house but it took me ages to get to the stage where I was happy with it. Happy enough to say yes, that’s just about as good as I’ve eaten in Turkey. I thought I knew what hummus was until I ate it with warm flatbread lounging on a large cushion in Istanbul.  Then I realised it is meant to be creamy not sliceable, and that it is enhanced by more lemon.

Take one tin of chickpeas and drain them but keep the liquid.  Life’s too short to boil dried chick peas for an hour, let’s face it.  Put in the food processor with two cloves of garlic, half a teaspoon of cumin powder (fresh, not that stuff you’ve had in the back of the cupboard for years please), a three finger pinch of salt.  Blitz in the processor till broken into fine bits. Then scrape down the sides of the processor and add 100g tahini. Blitz again. Then add the juice of a lemon, about a tablespoon of good olive oil and then in a slow trickle, add about 75ml of the liquid you drained from the can, running the processor all the time until the hummus is smooth. Really smooth.  Taste and adjust seasoning.

Now, some of you might have already known about the adding the liquid trick. But I didn’t and it makes all the difference – turning the hummus into a wonderful smooth emulsion.

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