Festive slaw

This one is purely a list of crunchy ingredients to mix according to how you like the look of them in the bowl. Ditto the dressing ingredients. We have sometimes leaned more towards mustard and sometimes more towards pomegranate. (The maple syrup is nice to keep as a nod towards the land of the silver birch though.)

The slaw part:

1 cup puy lentils
1 cup broad beans (frozen are great for this)

a large double handful of Brussels sprouts
1 pomegranate – seeds of
about a third of a butternut squash- raw – grated

the dressing part:
grapeseed or other oil of choice
maple syrup
pomegranate molasses
mustard (probably Dijon)

a squeeze of lemon juice

salt and pepper to taste

-cook the lentils until tender and set aside or use Gourmet Merchant pre-cooked

-blanch the beans in boiling water for one minute and set aside in a bowl of ice water until you are ready for them

-shred the Brussels sprouts in a food processer with a shredding blade or, as there aren’t many, just slice them very finely with a knife and sort of open them up slightly with your fingers as you put them in a bowl

-peel and grate the squash and add to the bowl with the sprouts

-add the seeds of the pomegranate ( a food blogger I know taught me that you can hear the seeds rattling in the pomegranate when it is ripe….)

-drain and add the beans and the same with the lentils

-mix your dressing according to taste and dress at the last minute

I originally saw the idea for this recipe on a food blog called Golubka Kitchen and have kept the ingredients the same but tinkered with the quantities.

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