Bullets? Blenders? B++++++s?


FullSizeRenderOK. So I did it. I am a sucker for gadgets and machinery. Which for someone with my personality profile (I specialise in personality profiling) is rather odd. However, I won’t ponder on it. I purchased a Nutribullet. Apparently its an extractor; neither a blender, nor a juicer. An extractor.

Now my kitchen cupboards are full of gadgets and equipment.  Blender, flash coffee maker, Kenwood with attachments, ice-cream maker, yogurt maker, bread maker, hand mixer, little electric chopper-thing, Magimix with numerous blades and bowls, good knives, stacks of pans and baking trays, dariole moulds, madeleine tray, tepanyaki plate, mandoline, cheese moulds and dozens  of canape moulds and cutters given to me 15 years ago by my lovely Aunt She (domestic science teacher and caterer prior to training in social work – a role model there I wonder)?

Ah – I digress – the extractor!  I wasn’t exactly against it, but I did wonder, what are the benefits of juicing as opposed to simply eating? And what’s the point of ptyalin and all the other enzymes that are in saliva, if we don’t chew?  But Kathy Payne’s brilliant nutritional advice on her Facebook page won me over – oh, and that whimsical purchasing fairy who lives inside me for a few days after Christmas.

I read all the bumf in the big green box – what aspirational claims! What magic might ensue?  My extravert and sensing profile (just do it, it will be fun, think of all the things you can make) struggled with the thinker and the judge (for goodness sake where will you store it, you swore you would never buy one, you can already do everything it claims to do in your blender).  In the end the answer was simple.  I didn’t have to believe the bumf…… I could use it as I use all my kitchen equipment……. as yet another component in the experiment which is my-crazy-life-in-my-kitchen.

So. For breakfast I had a kale and half a banana in a smoothie with almonds and almond milk. It was gorgeous.  I balanced the potential for juices and smoothies to give a swift blood sugar-hike, with a thick slice of home-made rye bread toast, and the other half of the banana.

The urge for kitchen pottering has remained for the rest of the day – a sure sign that the Christmas and New Year virus is lifting – and I’ve experimented with making rye crispbread – see post later today – and Imade chunky hummus in a trice (well, 30 seconds) in Bullet (whizz one clove of garlic, a few chilli flakes, a teaspoon of cumin seed, two dessert spoons of Tahini, a little sea-salt and half a tin of boiling water).  I am, and remain

Yours sincerely,

a Bullet convert

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