Unexpected pleasures

Poor mother is ill and not coming for Easter as planned. This meant an unexpected day out for us both today. We meandered down through Banham to Stanton farm shope where they have a great cheese counter, baker and the best treacle back bacon. We came away with Suffolk Gold, Hawes Reserve Wensleydale and Old Amsterdam. And bacon. And other stuff.

Bury St Edmunds is always a surprise, such a civilised place. Grand Georgian houses cheek by jowl with medieval houses. We spent ages in The Cook Shop, replenishing our stock of 40 year old wooden spoons. Next time i do that i shall be 100. Scary thought.

We fell upon Gastronono-me, a Deli and artisan bakery which offerd delights, hummus with chilli, olives, soda bread. That’s supper sorted. Bread, cheese, olives, Rioja, sofa. Perfect.

Just as we were bewailing the paucity of vegetarian eateries we stumbled upon Josef’s Vegetarian Cafe in St John’s Street. Apparent,y they were looking for premises for a Charity shop and decided to open a vegetarian restaurant instead. I like that sort of serendipity. I had a celeriac steak served with mustard sauce, potato wedges roast Portobello mushroom and roast tomato with a perfectly dressed salad. David had a well spiced lentil burger on a toasted bun with tomato salsa. Both were perfect and we recommend you try it for yourselves.

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