Samosas with mango salsa

A long run of visitors and little time for the blog.  Apologies.

Tonight we had a re-run of last night’s farewell curry festival when Mark spent the last night with us before returning to Norway. I was sad to see him go – we had rekindled so easily, the friendship of our childhood and shared many happy family memories.  But I made far too  much curry  – lamb rogan josh, eight hour chick peas, hot and sour vegetable curry, cauliflower and potato curry,  mango salsa, potato and pea samosa – which meant that tonight there was only a small amount of cooking to do (ie replenish the samosa stock).coriander and coconut chutney

So here’s the samosa recipe.

You’ll need your food processor for ease, but you can also mix the pastry by hand.  Mix together 300g gram (chick pea) flour, 1 teaspoon salt, 25ml vegetable oil, 1 teaspoon black mustard seed and 1 teaspoon cumin seed.  Then add cold water bit by bit until you have a soft dough.  Put the dough in a plastic bag and leave for about an hour.

Dice four medium sized potatoes into small dice (don’t bother peeling them).  In a shallow pan heat about 1 tbsp oil then add 2 tablespoons of the garam masala spice mix (on this blog). Cook it gently for a minute, then add half a finely chopped red chilli.  Then add the potatoes and mix in with the spices.  Fry these for about 5 minutes then add 75ml water and put the lid on, cooking the potato gently until all the water has disappeard and the potato is just cooked.  Then add a mug full of frozen peas, stir into the spice and potato mix and then add some salt.  Take off the heat and allow to cool completely.

The key to a good samosa is remembering two things.  1) the filling should be hotter (chilli heat) and slightly saltier than you think it should, and 2) the oil for the final frying should be smoking hot (that way the samosa gets crispy but doesn’t absorb the oil).

Take the dough out of the bag and knead it.  It should be fairly soft but not sticky.  Then scatter the work surface with coarse semolina (I use this instead of flour), pull walnut sized pieces off the dough and roll out quickly  and cut into circles.  Then cut each circle in half.

P1020863Pick up a semi-circle of pastry and dampen the straight edges, then fold it and press together the straight edges.

P1020864P1020865Now open it out so the open edge is at the top and fill with the spiced potato and peas, then dampen the open edges and pinch together carefully.

P1020866P1020867P1020868Repeat this many times, getting into a gentle, contemplative rhythm, until you have tons of samosas looking like this.

P1020869Now, simply fry them in very hot oil, a few at a time so the temperature of the oil doesn’t drop, probably about one minute each side, then remove onto kitchen towel.

Serve piping hot with mango salsa  finely chop one green mango, and mix with half a chopped red chilli, a one inch cube of finely chopped fresh ginger, mint or coriander leaves, a little salt, about a teaspoon of sugar and the juice of one lime.  Then fry a tablespoon of black  mustard seed in a tablespoon of oil with some more chopped chilli for about 30 seconds, then pour over the salsa.

Hope you enjoy them!.

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