Autumn leaf kicking

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Well our holiday went in a flash, the tan is fading, the skin’s memory of sliding into still warm water in scorching sun is but a distant memory.

My poor chickens are flooded out and have muddy feet and produce muddy eggs as they kick them around the coop trying to settle. So the eggs always need a good wash when i bring them in. But they are so beautiful. How do chickens produce a perfect egg every day?  It’s a miracle.

The colours of the trees is just turning, gold, deep red, brown, and the leaves are beginning to fall.  And the rain is lashing down.  But a long walk in the rain has produced tons of blackberries, wild apples and bullace.  And I haven’t used up the last of 2011’s yet.  Delving in the freezer I unearthed a pot of blackberries, some ready made apple sauce and a number of escapee blueberries. See the results on ‘Dish of the Day’, along with Canadian Thanksgiving recipes from Katie and her Aunt Sue in Ontario.

This week I am going to be working with Keith Charlish from Paddocks Butchery, cooking up a storm of festive season recipe cards, especially for  game – really looking forward to it.

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