Wandering through South Norfolk

IMG_0486.JPG (2)1-photo (3)-003A leisurely drive to Rumburgh Buck to have lunch with Dinah today reminded me of the wonderful Rumburgh Rollicks of 25 years ago, cooking up vegetable curry by the vat load as part of the Beano’s contribution to the Rollick. Then setting up stall, cooking on a Primus stove selling veg curry in pitta bread for a quid.  Those were the days…………  lines of people waiting for our food and reminding us to ‘come back next year’.

Beano’s was a wholefood shop ahead of its time in Harleston, where you could buy the complete range of #wholefoods sold in Rainbow (but in Harleston – where there was only one bus  a day to Norwich); and Pete’s bread (as everyone knew it) – made in Metfield  and delivered by van every morning but Monday.  One delightful customer would come in every Monday and raise merry hell because there was no bread, he became known as the no-bread-on-Monday man.  Well truth to tell he was known as something much less flattering and definitely not PC so I am not prepared to commit it to the page!

photbackup march14 181

We would hand bag all the produce, have disasters with bulk-buys of concentrated apple juice, fall over laughing at the labels produced by the gorgeous and dyslexic YOT girl, and cook up a storm every day on a two ring stove and a small oven.  Marion and David were pioneers. Happy happy days.

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