Ready Steady Cook 2: Artichoke hearts

I was talking to Peter online about food (plus ca change?) and we came up with an idea.  A Covid19 Ready Steady Cook Challenge to use the stuff that is at the back of your cupboard.  You know the sort of stuff.  3 year out of date mung beans.  5 year out of date rice flour. A lonely tin or artichoke hearts. Or six in his case.  Here’s a recipe. You can do it in a couple of ways. It is so simple – one even requires no cooking at all.

Open your tin of artichokes. Turn them upside down in a colander to drain them then pat dry with kitchen towel.  Take a packet of proscuitto or Serrano ham or similar. And some spinach leaves. Take an artichoke, encircle it with ham, then a spinach leaf or two. Hold it all together with a cocktail stick.  Place them all on the plate.  Crush a clove of garlic with a little salt, black pepper and maybe some ancho chilli flakes. Or maybe just some garlic mayo. Spoon over your artichokes.  Eat with lovely bread. Maybe with a roasted pepper or two.

Alternatively, drain a couple of tins of artichokes (that leaves four, Peter).  Gently sweat a couple of onions in olive oil and butter with some garlic until they are soft.  Put the onions in an ovenproof dish.  Then add the artichokes, cut side up. Add 300ml cream – maybe with a little tarragon chopped into it, but this isn’t necessary, it could be basil or parsley or chives.  Give a good grind of black pepper, maybe a light grating of nutmeg then a good handful of parmesan over the top.  Cook in the oven at about 190 for 25 – 40 minutes until bubbling and piping hot.  It’s oh so yum with a big salad and garlic bread.

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