Angel Cakes?

Just a brief post to recommend Angel Cakes Tearoom at New Buckenham.  Stacey and Ryan are onto a winner here.  Beautiful village, great walks (we fell in through the door after a 6 miler across the fields), great service, great business ethos, perfect food.  What more could you ask?

I had a corned beef and pickle sandwich – nothing stinted – butter, proper chunks of corned beef and big dollops of Branston. David had tuna mayo which was falling out the edge of the sandwich. Nice garnish (though maybe just a touch of dressing on it would have been nice) and crisps.  And the tea…….  loose leaf, hot, strong and the best cuppa I have had outside my own kitchen in a long time.

Great banter, and lovely potential to

  • get out of the house on a work day and just pop in here for lunch
  • meet clients here
  • take my mum out for tea
  • meet friends

Upstairs, Stacey was beavering away putting the finishing touches to chocolate eclairs.  She came waltzing downstairs with six on a platter. I couldn’t resist. David said he didn’t want one but it didn’t prevent him from eating half of mine, I noticed!

I’ll be back.

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