Lemon and lime parfait with pistachio and rose petals

This is a bit of a take on Nigel Slater’s lemon and organge Parfait. But I like it with a bit of crunch.  It is light and sharp and perfect at the end of a meal where you think you couldn’t possibly partake of pudding…………. but then you see this and you think  ‘well maybe a small bit then’.

Whip 500ml creme fraiche and 125ml natural yogurt till heavy but not too thick.  Add the grated rind of a lemon and a lime and juice of half a lemon. Then add a 300g jar of quality lemon curd and 50g chopped pistachios. Fold all this in, then crumble in 75g meringues – leave some on the large side and the rest a mixture of crumb and middling. Fold into the mixture.

Line the base of a loaf tin or a springform cake tin with parchment then pour in the mixture and freeze.  Take out 30 minutes before serving.  Using a sharp ended knife dipped in hot water, run the blade round the edge of the tin and invert the parfait onto a plate.  Sprinkle with more pistachio and rose petals.  Fragrant.  Piquant. Heaven

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