IMG_1494Lovely conversation this evening with number one son in Newcastle which ranged across the usual  subjects, work, life, the universe, plans for our joint holiday in June.  But also an intense little nugget about what he and Katie have been cooking this week – clearing the carnivorous freezer and decks before they commence a pescitarian February.

It went something like ‘ Well mum we tried some of those Boerwors sausuages you sent from Bunwell butchers, they were brilliant, we also did some great duck with a confit of cherry and wine, some fresh pasta with Cavalo Nero and softly poached eggs………….’

Clearly the genes are there.  I used to love it when he would ring me from his flat as a student (with 6 girls) saying ‘Mum, I’ve got this piece of pork and I was thinking of ……………………’  or ‘Mum I was wondering whether anchovies really really work with lamb, what do you think’………………..

The best gravy I ever tasted, he made when the family cooked a birthday meal for me a couple of years back.  Admittedly, I gave a little tuition on roasting the bones in the pan etc etc.  But the result was legendary. And the skill was his alone.


Thinking of inviting him to do a guest page on the blog.

6 thoughts on “Genes

  1. Apologies. The weaknesses of indulgent mothers. Do you have the recipe for the duck with a confit of cherry and wine — sounds wonderful.

  2. Indeed, invite him to do a blog! My best “son + cooking” memory was his slow cooker with elk stew — son Jeff had shot the elk with a bow and arrow in Montana. We have grown good young men!

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